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AJF members are passionate about strategic philanthropy, Jewish giving and the future of the Australian Jewish community. They are an essential part of ensuring the organisation’s success through their invaluable support.  
Over the past 12 months we have worked in collaboration with key organisations bringing successful programs and events to Australia. The AJF has undeniably been a leading force introducing innovative initiatives to the community.
This coming year brings exciting opportunities for the AJF. We have been working hard at developing a new strategic planning document to outline our goals from 2014 – 2017, leveraging the successes of the past whilst harnessing innovation to move forward into the future.
In order to turn our vision and goals into a reality, we are asking members to increase their support to the AJF through our Enabling Campaign by becoming a Leading, Sustaining or Strategic member. In doing so, you are showing your commitment to our goals of collaboration, innovation and leadership, and your belief in our network to create meaningful, diverse and sustainable transformations within the Australian Jewish community and beyond.
Please complete all of the required fields of this membership form. You will be contacted regarding the status of your application after review by the governing board.
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Please use the drop down menu below to choose a level of membership that aligns with your giving from the General Membership options. If you would like to enable and empower the AJF you can choose to become a Leading, Strategic or Sustaining member. By doing so, you will be demonstrating a strong belief in the vision of the Australian Jewish Funders, not only making it possible for the daily runnings of the organisation, but also supporting our ‘Big Dreams’. Our members are key to the success of the organisation’s pursuit for innovation, strong leadership, and strategic and effective philanthropy.
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