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Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we are committed to bringing you tools and resources to help you move through it with generosity, intention, and a sense of connectedness.



Dan Ariely, Israeli-American bestselling author of “Predictably Irrational” and Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics from Duke University inspired as keynote speaker at our 2018 Bold Philanthropy Conference in Melbourne, and at the home of Andrew and Taryn Boyarsky in Sydney.

Join us to hear from this fascinating writer, researcher, and raconteur. On the evening Dan will:

  • Detail experiments that show how decision-making during coronavirus may not be as rational as we think;
  • Share insights about his current work with the Israeli government on approaches to solving the many challenges faced due to COVID-19;
  • How governments in general can help afford people more of a sense of control in this time;
  • Offer predictions as to what habits and behaviours may and may not change in the future; and
  • Link all of the above to impact of behavioural change on fintech, medtech and edtech, opportunities emerging in these arenas and innovation.


AJF@Home and LaunchPad: Behind the Screens are facilitating a Giving Series to highlight the current trends and experiences in philanthropy as we navigate unprecedented challenges occurring throughout COVID-19. This series aims to support funders and the for-purpose sector understand giving during this time.

The Giving Series will feature insightful industry professionals in conversation – featuring speakers from our partners at Philanthropy AustraliaThe Australian Women Donors Network and Australian Environmental Grant Makers Network. Join us to hear how the overarching landscape of philanthropy has changed in Australia throughout 2020, the importance of gender analysis in philanthropy and how the philanthropic response to the COVID-19 crisis, bushfire recovery and to the other big environmental issues has a vital role to play in catalysing in long lasting environmental changes.

Together we will consider challenges and opportunities to create more impactful philanthropy and strengthen our community impact.