We aim to gear-up, skill-up and open-up incredible opportunities for young Jewish leaders in their 20’s and 30’s, enabling them to re-image and revitalise the future of the Australian Jewish community.

Through providing a space for incredible young adults to connect, think and lead together, we aim to empower a sense of ownership, responsibility, passion and possibility for the Jewish world.

Powered by the Australian Jewish Funders, ROI Community and JCA (NSW), LaunchPad encourages incredible young adults to become change-makers, dreamers, entrepreneurs and Jewish leaders, and believe that with our encouragement and training, the LaunchPad Community will transform Australian Jewish Life and beyond.

LaunchPad began with the 2014 LaunchPad Retreat in May, where 42 participants explored the gaps in the Jewish community together, shared their passions and visions, workshopped how to strengthen the world around us and formed invaluable relationships. Over the year we will be supporting the development of several new and innovative community projects stemming from the retreat.

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