Asia Gatherings

Communities, Networks and Opportunities, A Look into the Future

Hong Kong | 2 – 4 December, 2018

Join a select group of leaders for an exclusive, high level conversation around global Jewish connectivity and community networking.

For our fifth annual gathering, we are convening Jewish philanthropists, lay leaders and entrepreneurs for another impactful gathering, deep-diving into Israel-Asia relations, the power of philanthropy and the emerging trends in both Chinese and Jewish giving. This year, we will place a special focus on designing regional and global networks.

We are thrilled to be joined by NY-based David Dabscheck, a leading innovator, Founder and CEO of Giant Innovation, who has worked with leading corporations and organizations design new strategies and innovative approaches. David will facilitate a highly interactive workshop that will inspire us to think and act as world class innovators for the 21st century. We will utilise the latest skills in design thinking, lean start up, adaptive leadership and creativity to develop and strengthen our regional networks. David will provide us with a practical innovation toolkit that can be applied to our personal, professional and communal activities.

We appreciate the generosity of the Pratt Foundation, the Russell Berrie Foundation, and JDC for their vision and leadership in connecting local Asian Jewish communities to Global Jewry.

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Thanks to the vision and support of The Pratt Foundation, the Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) and Jewish Funders Network (JFN) have facilitated gatherings exploring Asia, Israel and the Jewish World for the past four years – Hong Kong 2014, Singapore 2015Shanghai 2016 and Hong Kong 2017.

These gatherings bring together a select group of business leaders, investors, donors, foundation professionals and activists that deeply care about Jewish peoplehood, international networking and the relationship between Israel, Asia and the Jewish world. The gatherings stimulate awareness and inter-generational dialogue about the developing relationship between Israel and Asia. As Israel increasingly looks toward Asia, the Jewish world can provide great support by stimulating developments in diplomacy, business and philanthropy.

Together ideas and accomplishments are shared and the role that Asia is increasingly playing in the global Jewish conversation and its relationship with Israel is carefully considered. The gatherings create a platform for mutual learning and enrichment, exposing participants to new areas of investment and interest, and for potential future collaborative endeavours for the benefit of global Jewish peoplehood and the state of Israel.

We welcome influential leaders from Israel, US, Australia and Asia. Key note speakers have included Justin Rockefeller, Jon Medved, Professor Eugene Kandel, Dr Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Solina Chau, Professor Roger King, Bilahari Kausikan, Bill Foo, Ronnie C. Chan, Amoz Asa-El, to name a few.

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