Potential Funders

The AJF seeks to create a strong and vibrant future for the Australian Jewish community. All projects currently listed were chosen because of their extraordinary commitment to growing Jewish life in Australia, and the Funding Gallery aims to showcase these exciting and interesting projects and programs that the community has to offer. The AJF does not specifically endorse any of the projects or organisations showcased.

The AJF encourages all potential funders to complete their own due diligence, and does not take responsibility for any actions taken by, or losses suffered by, any person on the basis of, or in reliance upon, any information in the Funding Gallery, nor by omission of error.

If you find an organisation or project you would like to learn more about, feel free to contact them directly, or find out more information by contacting us.

For Participating Organisations

The aim of the AJF Funding gallery is to showcase specific projects invested in growing Jewish life and community in Australia. Any organisation in Australia may register a multitude of different projects.

The AJF will review all registrations at their own discretion. Approval will only be granted if the review team believe that the submission meets all requirements, including:

  • Projects, events or programs that specifically engage and target members of the Australian Jewish community, that have a vision to build a strong and vibrant Jewish community.

  • Projects do not represent or advocate extremist political agendas, as determined by the AJF.

Approval may take up to 30 days.  The AJF also reserves the right to remove a project at any time, without notice.

In an effort to keep the Funding Gallery current, the AJF will review projects periodically and use their discretion to update or remove projects from the gallery.