USA Roadtrip

The AJF US Road Trips offer a unique and inspiring journey exploring the endless possibilities and programs showcasing innovation in Jewish Life. The aim of these road trips is to build long lasting and sustainable relationships with leaders, funders and programs in the US that we can collaborate with, leveraging their success to provide meaningful engagement opportunities relevant for our Jewish communities in Australia.

On these trips we meet with game-changing leaders, government bodies and many diverse and innovative Jewish organisations with a focus on inspiring members to see what is possible with their giving utilising their time, talent and treasure and realise and fulfil their philanthropic vision. As a result of these trips, our capacity to think creatively about key aspects of Jewish life in Australia has been vastly amplified.

To learn more about our past road trips, click the images below.

2016 Roadtrip: LA - San Diego

2017 Roadtrip: NYC - DC

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