Moishe House is an international organisation providing meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their twenties.

The innovative model trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for their peers.

Moishe House has been incredibly successful, engaging 55,000+ young Jews, through 8500 programs annually, in 99 houses across 24 countries. Moishe House cultivates young leaders to create Jewish community – on their own terms – for their peers, in ways that are meaningful and relevant.

The Australian Jewish Funders is so proud to have successfully brought this program to Australia, and to continue to support the Australian houses with our partners the Shalom Institute and JCA.

Moishe House Melbourne and Sydney were established in 2013. Building on their success and supporting their vision, AJF has collaborated with Moishe House to facilitate two learning retreats that have engaged 60 young people from Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. From this Moishe House New Zealand was created, thanks to the generosity of a visionary US donor. Alumni of the learning retreats have access to a grant pool, again supported by international donors, to create programming under the banner of Moishe House Without Walls. After the first learning retreat in December 2014, the following year saw an incredible 52 new events hosted by alumni of the retreat.

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