TRIBE is a national mobile application and website that enables users to curate their own Jewish journeys.

Project Description

The vibrancy of the Jewish people depends upon creating a continuous pipeline of opportunities to connect people with opportunities for social, cultural and educational involvement in Jewish life. Tribe is that the point of connection, providing a centralised, customisable platform, supporting users to connect with local, relevant events and other opportunities as move through various life stages.

The platform will provide a space for formalised community to promote their initiatives and better marry their events with intended target sectors of the Jewish community. It is also envisaged that Tribe may be used by emerging grass-roots groups and organisations, who can gain momentum through the platform.

We hope to scale up the project to make Tribe accessible to Jewish communities large and small across Australasia.

Commencement and completion

Commencement and Completion:
Ongoing – commenced October 2014

Number of end-users/ participants who benefit:


  1. Build the app Tribe with the technical capacity to serve as a customisable platform for connection with Jewish events.

  2. Develop strong organisational connection with the app.

  3. Cultivate a strong member database that reflects the buzz in community around this venture.

How does this project strengthen the Australian Jewish Community?

When we speak to people about Tribe, the overwhelming response is, ‘why the hell doesn’t this already exist?!’

We believe that as our community grows, we need to become smarter in the way we connect people with the abundant opportunities on hand.

Tribe works to bridge Jewish life and technology; streamlining the process through which Jewish people connect with events that resonate with them.

Our success will be measured in three ways:

  1. Positive feedback from test-users of the app via focus groups

  2. Quantifiable success through a strong member database (500 sign ups within the first 3 months, 2000 people within 1 year)

  3. Strong organisational connection with the app – via organisation sign-ups: 40 orgs. within the first 3 months, 60 within a year.

Contact Information:

Rachel Flitman


Organisation: Deliberately unaffiliated

Scope of Activity: Australia wide

Target Groups: Women, young adults, single, anyone with an interest in connected to Jewish events through technology


Total Funding Required:

Current Funding:

Funding Needed:

Tax Deductibility(DGR):



Supported in the first year by Hillel (via the Shalom Institute) and the Australian Jewish Funders via a Dave Grant.