Twelve is a new year long, monthly hands on volunteering program for batmitzvah girls and a parent

Project Description

This event will celebrate participants’ completion of the Twelve 2015’s Year of Giving program. Our vision is that our Closing Ceremony will reinforce to the girls that their role in extending kindness, giving and helping others has now just begun. It will inspire the girls to continue their journey as social changemakers in whatever form they wish. The event will extend to invite supporters of the program, charities that have participated in our program, as all as the girls, families and wider community and reinforce that children and families can make an impact on those in need through smaller acts of giving and kindness.

Outcomes will be strengthening and building on awareness of our program in the Jewish community, celebrating how we can achieve more together, create awareness of social issues in the wider community and solidifying relationships with supporters and organisations that work with Twelve.

Commencement and completion

Ongoing Number of end-users/participants who benefit:



1. To provide tangible memories and keepsakes (photo book, photos) for the participants from their Year of Giving
2. To celebrate the participants’ achievements and impacts on many groups in need as volunteers
3. To create and build awareness of Twelve and Thirteen (barmi program to be launched 2016) as a new program for bnei mitzvah children and their families

How does this project strengthen the Australian Jewish Community?

1. It brings together some members of our community to celebrate the girls participation in Twelve during their bamitzvah year, reinforcing this Jewish ritual in their lives
2. It celebrates the girls’ service to Jewish (as well as other) organisations during the program
3. It reinforces the notion of tikkun olam, chessed and tzdedek – all Jewish values reinforced by Twelve
4. We also engage Gen Y Youth Facilitators during our sessions, currently being expanded. This event will target them too and reinforce their vital role in leading and engaging bnei mitzvah children in their journey of giving and kindness.

Contact Information:

Moran Dvir


Organisation: Twelve Batmitzvah Program

Scope of Activity: Melbourne

Target Groups: Women, Men, Young Adults, Children, Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Total Funding Required:

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Our program works closely with various charities to create opportunities for our group to volunteer and assist. These include:

1. Royal Children’s Hospital
2. C Care
3. Jewish Care
4. McAuley Community Services for Women
5. Whitelion
6. Maysar (indigenous centre)
7. Challah for Hunger
8. Lentara (Asylum Seekers)
9. Youth Projects (CBD homeless centre)
10. Hadassah Hospital
11. Koala Kids (children with cancer)
12. Alannah & Madeline Foundation
13. Ardoch Youth Foundation